Cassan + Falkowski + Kim + McQuillen Screen Grab @ MONACO 1/11/19–2/9/19
  • Opening Fri 1/11 7-10pm

Practise is pleased to present in collaboration with MONACO - Screen Grab a group exhibition with Joe Cassan, Andrew Falkowski, Andres Kim and Kate McQuillen.

Kate McQuillen, I Came to a Definite Conscious Decision to "Return" to Life, 2018, Acrylic on Panel, 30 inches x 24 inches
Andrew Falkowski, Napoleon (King Blue II), 2011, Acrylic on Panel, 25 inches x 17.5 inches
Joe Cassan, Mask from Backwards Slasher, 2016, Pigmented Silicone, Human and Synthetic Hair, Dimensions Variable
Andres Kim, Life, 2018, Javascript, Dimensions Variable